Monday, May 14, 2012

The Basement Remodel, Part 1

We had been thinking about a basement remodel since we first stepped foot into this house as prospective buyers.  Although back then, pre-babies, those plans included a wet bar :)  The ideas have evolved a bit since we first moved in five and a half years ago!

The basement was partially "finished" by the builder, meaning we had finished walls/ceilings and carpet (nasty indoor/outdoor type stuff).  We also have a large crawl space, so that's why it is just partially finished.  It was also the only space in the house that was painted by the previous owners.  Thank goodness they stopped there!  They painted a horrible shade of blood  red and did a craptastic job.

Our basement lacked function, had zero style and was pretty much a dumping ground for furniture and toys and any other item that didn't really have a home elsewhere.  It was in a sad state and a waste of living space.  Oh, and it used to have spiders. Lots of big, brown/black scary spiders.

After Tyson's second Christmas, we were desperate to find a space for a playroom.  Even though he doesn't have THAT many toys, they just start to take over your life, ya know?  We didn't have any other logical spots for playroom other than the awful basement so moved some toys down and started spending considerable amounts of time down there. 

When we started seriously making plans for the remodel we wanted to accomplish a few things:
  • A play space.
  • An entertaining / chill / hang out /watch movies as a family space.
  • STORAGE.  Functional storage.
  • A dedicated, enclosed workout area for Ryan.  He has too much equipment and heavy weights that can't be accessible by little people.
  • Make the basement inviting and pretty so we would actually like to spend time down there.
  • Oh, and new carpet.  We desperately needed new carpet.  The color was gross, the carpet felt gross, and it just wasn't comfortable for hanging out with the babies.

So here goes with the before photos.  This is the real deal, people!

The space was one large open area with the exception of this back "hallway" on the other side of the stairs.

As you walk down the stairs and head to the right, you go down the short hallway back to the gym area.  The gym area is open to the rest of the space.  That door on the left in the photo is the utility room (furnace, water heater, access to the crawl space).

Looking from the gym back toward the stairs.  This space was just a storage dumping ground.  It was awesome to see all of our junk right as you walked downstairs.

This is the main space to the left of the stairs -- just one large open area. 

I know you're jealous of those red walls, the furniture graveyard and that awesome TV.  Hey, it still worked :)

Further back in the same space.  More toys, more furniture.  We had 2 recliners, a sofa, loveseat and a sectional.  This room is not big enough for all of that stuff!

Looking back the other way:

Stay tuned for the construction!


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