Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Basement Remodel, Part 2: Construction!

In order to accomplish our goals of making our space more functional for play, entertaining, storage and working out, we needed to add some walls. 

First item on the agenda was to Craigslist most of the furniture (sofa, loveseat, sectional and recliner).  Holy cow.  I've never had so many Craigslist inquiries.  Apparently, if you ever want to get rid of upholstered furniture, just price it pretty cheap.  No one seemed to care that the sectional was missing legs or had scribbles in red ink on one of the cushions.  I was in charge of dealing with all of these emails and phone calls and text messages and it seemed like a full-time job for a few days.   

But on to the construction!  When you walk down from the stairs, the first thing you see to the left is a little alcove, perfect for a storage closet.  It was our temporary storage space that was wide open to the rest of the basement, so it just seemed logical to wall it in and added a door.   The space is an odd shape, kind of like a bay window so it's a weird little I wish I had a better before picture, but I don't.  FAIL.

We, er, Ryan did all of the framing and hung the doors for the new walls.  We did hire an electrician to come in and put the light in the closet on it's own dedicated switch.

We also walled off Ryan's gym area to make it a separate room.  Weight plates, barbells and all of that other gym stuff was just too tempting for a little boy.

Tyson LOVED the construction process.  The kid was in heaven helping Daddy.  Anytime Ryan would use his hammer, Tyson had to use his.  Same goes for the drill and saw.  Tyson also had to wear his own safety goggles (sunglasses) and work gloves (mittens). 

The little munchkin is hard at work!

The new door and framing for the gym:

While Ryan was busy doing all of the framing for the new walls, I was priming and priming AND priming those awful red walls. 

It looks much better already, don't ya think?  Don't mind all of the crap that's STILL in the way.

The "architecture" aka footers from our brick fireplace on the main floor -- give us a perfect spot for built-in bookshelves and a media area.

So that's exactly what we did!  Pics of that to come :)


Colleen said...

You are lucky your husband is so handy! This is going to be such a great space. We finished our basement 3 years ago and we love it down there.

Laura, Hoosier Life Hoosier Wife said...

Thanks Colleen! He's completely self-taught :) I just encourage him quite a bit!

Rashed Khan said...

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Dheeraj said...

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Michelle Smith said...

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mark paul said...

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