Monday, June 11, 2012

Sprucing up the Outside, Part 1

Over the weekend, we FINALLY started a project that we had both been wanting to do for a while -- starting some landscaping in our backyard. 

Our house was originally a spec home (built by the builder with no particular buyer in mind) and had one prior owner.  The prior owners ended up separating soon after moving in and they never got around to doing much inside or outside of the house.  We've lived here almost six years and we're slowly moving to the outside.  There are just too many projects.  :)

We had the stamped concrete patio installed a few summers ago but desperately needed landscaping!

Last summer, we had professional landscape plans drawn up by Greensketch Concepts.  I have nothing but great things to say about this company!  They come out and do the plans for you, down to the exact space where you should plant everything + what to plant.  We gave him our wishlist -- nicer, updated landscaping + shade + color but not too much maintenance.  Gary Warren, the owner, drew up plans for our entire property, but we wanted to focus on the backyard for now and specifically, the patio area.

Our lovely patio area, before. 

It wasn't a space that we particularly wanted to hang out in, at least during the day. At night with a fire in the firepit, you don't really notice the desolate landscape!

Before we did any planting or bed prep, we had to remove all of the mulch in the existing beds.  Our little man LOVED this project and had his very own shovel to help out.  Quinny just watched in the shade.  :)

Once we dug out all of the mulch, we were left with this big mess.  :)

Oh, and a big pile o' mulch. 

It can only get better from here, right?

After we removed the mulch, Ryan tilled up the beds with a rototiller.

Earlier in the day, we had three yards of topsoil dumped in our driveway.  Lovely.

The next step was to move all of that topsoil from the driveway into the beds.  While the men were doing the hard labor (thank goodness for help from my father-in-law and Tyson too!), Quinn and I went out to buy plants. 

I got back just in time for the last few cartloads of topsoil. :)  The darker dirt on top of the topsoil is compost.  Once we added the compost, Ryan's dad went through and tilled everything together again to mix it all up. 

The beds are prepped and we're ready for plants!!  We laid out the plants per our landscape plans and measured for planting.

And ta-da...

Plants!  Mulch!  Landscaping! 


We planted 4 boxwoods, a butterfly bush, 3 coreopsis, a hardy geranium, 2 Russian sage (these smell so good!), Shasta daisy, viburnum, and 3 dianthus.

So much better, don't you think? 

It's exciting to have this small section done and it's inspiring us to do more.  Now, we just need to find the time, the budget, and the energy to keep going.  At our current rate, we will be executing our landscaping plans for YEARS.

Stay tuned because I did some updates in the front yard too :)

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Katharine Devinney said...

Looks beautiful! We had a landscaper come in to design a patio and more. They wanted 23k and we lowered the amount done to 12k. Well unfortunately my husband lost his job and we had to put it on hold. He was able to get a new job but he didn't want to spend the money then. :(

My husband and a neighbor did our front yard. We had a few sick junipers, on camilia (that we didn't know what it was till it was watered) and dirt (with tons of rocks). I'll have to post before and after pictures but I do have a picture of my porch here

lipsa herry said...

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