Monday, July 30, 2012

Mission Organization

Who can believe it's nearly August?  Certainly not this girl!

I have no idea what happened to my July.  Literally it was here and then nearly gone in an instant.  We've been busy...seeing friends and family, attending parties and celebrations, going to the lake and the pool and the fair.  All while sweating our butts off in this historically hot summer.

Being so busy doing fun summer stuff means that a lot of things at home have been neglected.  Like laundry and grocery shopping and cleaning and finishing up the basement.  But the most neglected has to be the 'collection pockets' of our house, like the home office.  And the garage and the closets and lots of other spaces I won't mention.  :)

I need to get some organizing under control!  

My first stop is our office.  I'm not even going to show a photo because that's just how bad it is.  There is some shelving and a desk and a filing cabinet.  But there are also piles (and piles and piles) of various things -- items that need to be filed, others that need to be shredded, items that need to be donated or given away and just bits and pieces stuffed in there because they have no other home.

I have been scouring Pinterest (duh!) for some office organization inspiration.

I think something like the Style Tile system from PB Teen would be easy to recreate with molding and cork tiles.

Source: PB Teen

Raising Up Rubies has the most beautiful organization in her craft room.  I'm totally going to recreate some of her pretty ideas for my office.  

Source: Raising Up Rubies

This organized office space from makes my heart happy.  Oh, to have everything neatly in it's place!

I found the perfect tall narrow dresser for craft storage at Goodwill last week.  It was only $22 but I second guessed buying it and left empty handed.  Of course I can't get that silly dresser out of my head and now I'm kicking myself for not getting it.  It would have been PERFECT.  Ah, such is life!

All of my organization ideas will have to wait for the time I can find to get them executed.  Maybe September?  Ha!  

Are you trying to get a space organized in your house?  I'd love to see your ideas!

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Kathy said...

I love this post!

Colleen said...

I'm feeling the same way around here. Back into the school routine makes me think we need to do some organizing around here. We have the same sort of spaces that are just cluttered and need a clean-out!

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