Monday, July 16, 2012

My Aunt and Uncle's Gardens

A few weeks ago, my Aunt Susan and Uncle John were featured in my hometown's garden walk.  They have a beautiful home and property and have worked so hard on their grounds.  They deserved this honor!  Their property is an inspiration for us, especially as newbie landscapers.

My aunt is a master gardener and it shows.  I'm lucky to have someone so talented to answer my questions.  Someday she'll be a great source of perennials for us too :)

I took some photos of their property on the day of the garden walk.  We were too comfortable where we were to visit any of the other gardens.  I know they must have been lovely too. 

Here's a tour of Aunt Susan and Uncle John's gardens. 

This is their side yard, off of the garage. 

Their beautiful pond with annuals and perennials.  I also love those grasses behind the pond.  I think it's called maiden grass.  I want some for my yard :)

Fish usually live in the pond all year long.  You can also regularly see birds bathing in the upper sections by the rocks and frogs make regular appearances too.

Tyson can't get enough of this spot when we visit.

I think those taller pink flowers are bee balm.  I loved them and want to find a spot to add them into our landscape plan.

This section gets full sun throughout the day and is full of lovely perennials and some fun items in between, like this headboard and that little ladybug.

I think one of my favorite parts of the garden is the shade garden.  Tall, lovely mature trees --those are few and far between in my newer subdivision.

Even with the super hot summer we've been having, this spot was nice and comfortable.

Congratulations Aunt Susan and Uncle John! 

I'll be back tomorow with some projects that I'm super excited about :)


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