Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY Rag Quilt

This is another project I started so very long ago, but I'm proud and excited to say it's finished! :)  A DIY rag quilt.

A while, okay, over a year ago, I was introduced to the rag quilt.  My sister-in-law brought a gorgeous baby quilt to the lake for her little girl.  I was obsessed.  Hers was made of the squares and it was pretty and so, so soft.  I loved the fabrics and the texture of the ragging.  I was dying to know what it was and how to get my hands on one, especially since Quinny was an itty bitty at the time.  Then she told me that she had received it as a gift from her former boss when her daughter was born.  She didn't even know it had a name other than a quilt.  Boo.

After that weekend, I went on a Google hunt to figure out this textured quilt and came upon rag quilts.  Of course, my next step was Pinterest, specifically this pin: http://doityourselfdivas.blogspot.com/2011/05/diy-baby-rag-quilt.html.

So I went out and picked all of my fabrics and got to sewing.  Did I mention, I'm not really a sewer?  Then, life and babies and time got in the way, so the project sat in the closet for a while, er, year.

But, it's finished now.

And my sweet little guy loves it.  Not as much as his favorite green bwankie, aka blankie, but I'll take second place. :)

The colors are perfect for his big boy room and while it no longer fits his bed (it was intended for his toddler bed, oops!), it's still big enough for him to wrap himself in it.

I love that I accomplished something.  A sewing project no less!  

Is it perfect?  No.  Not even close.  But I love it and so does the little man it was intended for.  That's enough for me.  It does make me think I can do another sewing project in the future, which is always a good thing.

Any other wannabe sewers out there finished a project?  Or have you done a rag quilt?  I'd love to see it!



Jacquie said...

super cute, Laura!

Cocalores said...

It's really pretty! Love how it compliments the room =) What does it look like on the other side? xo Anja

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