Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinterest Challenge, Fall Edition

My Pinterest Challenge project was my daughter's Little Red Riding Hood costume.

I saw this costume pinned on Pinterest over a year ago and couldn't get it out of my head.  Naturally, Quinn had to be Little Red Riding Hood this year.

This beautiful Little Red Riding Hood costume was created by Your Sparkle Box on Etsy.

YourSparkleBox on Etsy
I used her costume as my inspiration and came up with this version for my 17 month old daughter:

I used a crochet tube top, purchased from this Etsy seller, and my mom and I made the tulle skirt, using layers and layers of red tulle and a red and white ribbon to tie it on Quinn's waist.  I ordered the fleece cape from The Capery on Etsy.  I was grateful to have something so warm on such a cool night for trick or treating.

I have an apron that I made for her, but it kept slipping and bunching up under all of the tulle!  So, I scrapped it at the last minute and I thought her costume was just fine without it.  I just added a white long sleeve onesie, and red and white striped leggings (also for warmth).

I love the original, but I'm just as pleased with my DIY version!

I'm linking up!

Bower Power Blog's Pinterest Challenge


Jen said...

I've seen your original inspiration around Pinterest, but the thought of sewing with much tulle frightened me a little! I love your take on it and your little girl looks truly adorable!

Laura, Hoosier Life Hoosier Wife said...

Thanks Jen!

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