Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our 2012 Summer Fun List!

Since it's officially summer (well, at least to us!), I made our 2012 summer fun list! I have toddlers, so there are a lot of things that may be on a list for another year, but this is perfect for us.

Some of these things we've already done, but hope to do again -- water park, out for ice cream, splash park, playground -- our Memorial Day weekend was pretty busy :) 

And some may be hard to do either because of timing, like strawberry picking, or because of location, like a drive-in movie and the beach.  There aren't too many beaches in central Indiana!  Regardless, we are going to do our best to check off everything on the list!

What's on your summer fun list?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My boy's nursery

Since May is the month for my babies, I thought I would share my babies' nurseries.  Their rooms are some of my favorite in our house. 

Our son, Tyson, just turned 3 so now his nursery is a distant memory.  It's been turned into a big boy room with things he's picked out for himself.   Cue the tears for this mama. 

I spent so much time planning for his nursery and it fulfilled everything I wanted for this room at the time.

We knew we were having a boy and I knew I wanted to have black furniture. To tone down the black, I went with a light sky blue, Icy by Sherwin Williams. I also chose to do what I now know is board and batten trim on the walls.

The side table is from Ikea, bookshelf from Target, crib from JCPenney, crib bedding from Pottery Barn Kids and chair/ottoman are Shermag. 

Other than the looks of it, I have always hated that chair.  It is not the most comfortable for rocking babies or nursing or anything else.  I wanted an upholstered chair and ottoman, not a glider.  I kept that darn chair through two babies because the uber comfortable chairs (like Best and PBK) are rather pricey.  There is a reason they're pricey! 

Tyson's nursery was also my husband's first time doing any kind of trim carpentry.  He had never done anything like this before, but he rocked it!  We designed the board and batten together and he also had his first try at crown molding.  The whole room turned out exactly like I hoped.

This large armoire was opposite the crib and held all kinds of extra baby stuff.  Blankets, towels, burp cloths, extra crib sheets and changing pad covers.

I ordered his name decal from an Etsy seller, but her shop is now closed.

Even after his crib was converted to a toddler bed and now a full size bed, the decal remained on the wall.  I just took it down a few months ago. 

Dresser/changing table across from the windows.  The dresser is also from JCPenney.

These prints from Etsy seller NellaDesigns are one of my favorite things in his room.  I was able to keep those in the big boy room transition!

Thanks for letting me share!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My first feature!

I was featured on the Newbie Spotlight today by Gina on Random Thoughts from an Incoherent Mind. Thanks Gina!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Quinn's Bumblebee Birthday Party!

Our baby girl is ONE!! 

Long ago (I'm pretty sure I was still on maternity leave!), I started tossing around the idea of a bumblebee theme for our little bee.  I never changed my mind.

Welcome to Quinn's first birthday party! 

The birthday girl in her pillowcase dress made by ThePolkaDotLollipop on Etsy.  She already had the leggings, one of my favorites in her wardrobe. 

I ordered the Bumble Bee Collection from tomkatstudio on Etsy  -- printable invites, party circles and door sign.

I love these easy balloon garlands -- balloons strung together with a needle and fishing line.

I kept the table centerpieces simple with white runners and a mixture of white flowers in a Mason jar and hung ribbon garlands from the chandeliers in the dining room and kitchen.

At a first birthday, I love seeing how the baby changed over the first year.  To display Quinn's first year photos, I covered a large piece of foam board with spray adhesive and fabric. 

I found a yellow gingham for $4.99 a yard and used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby.  I freehanded a few templates for the black frames out of cardstock and then just hot glued the photos and the frames to the board.  I found the big Q at Michael's for just a few dollars.

Little closer view.  I couldn't resist adding the yellow bucket newborn photo.  How was that just one year ago?

I love how it turned out!  Now I'm not sure what I'll do with it.  Hrmmm...

On to the food!  That's what parties are all about, right? 

We had the goodie table setup with all different kinds of yellow and white foods.  Chocolate dipped marshmallows, Classic Lays potato chips, butterscotch candies, cupcakes, Lemonheads, Lemon Drops, Powdered Sugar donut holes, Pirate's Booty, Archway Frosty Lemon Cookies and mini Butterfingers.

We also ordered BBQ for the main meal from our favorite local place.  We had lemonade and a variety of beers to drink.

My mama made another fabulous birthday cake!

My cousin Jessica traveled all the way from Washington, DC to celebrate our girl.

Quinny sneaking a peek at one of her presents!

Big brother is still trying to wake up from his nap.

Time for cake! Doesn't she look thrilled?  She's a happy girl, but she's not usually willing to give smiles to just anyone.  She makes you earn it!  Having everyone staring at her made her quite suspicious. 

Since she loves to eat, I thought she would tear into her cake.  Instead, she was quite dainty about it.  At least she ate her first cake, unlike her big brother. 

I changed her clothes because I thought she would make a mess, but she didn't. 

Time for presents!!

She opened most of her gifts from her "throne", the pink chair given to her by her Great Aunt Ruthie and Great Uncle Steve.  

Me with my birthday girl:

Daddy's turn:

And, another fabulous family photo.  One day we'll all happily look at the camera at the same time!

We had a great time and I know Quinn enjoyed herself too!  May is an exhausting month around here and it's nice to be done with parties for a while.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Basement Remodel, Part 2: Construction!

In order to accomplish our goals of making our space more functional for play, entertaining, storage and working out, we needed to add some walls. 

First item on the agenda was to Craigslist most of the furniture (sofa, loveseat, sectional and recliner).  Holy cow.  I've never had so many Craigslist inquiries.  Apparently, if you ever want to get rid of upholstered furniture, just price it pretty cheap.  No one seemed to care that the sectional was missing legs or had scribbles in red ink on one of the cushions.  I was in charge of dealing with all of these emails and phone calls and text messages and it seemed like a full-time job for a few days.   

But on to the construction!  When you walk down from the stairs, the first thing you see to the left is a little alcove, perfect for a storage closet.  It was our temporary storage space that was wide open to the rest of the basement, so it just seemed logical to wall it in and added a door.   The space is an odd shape, kind of like a bay window so it's a weird little I wish I had a better before picture, but I don't.  FAIL.

We, er, Ryan did all of the framing and hung the doors for the new walls.  We did hire an electrician to come in and put the light in the closet on it's own dedicated switch.

We also walled off Ryan's gym area to make it a separate room.  Weight plates, barbells and all of that other gym stuff was just too tempting for a little boy.

Tyson LOVED the construction process.  The kid was in heaven helping Daddy.  Anytime Ryan would use his hammer, Tyson had to use his.  Same goes for the drill and saw.  Tyson also had to wear his own safety goggles (sunglasses) and work gloves (mittens). 

The little munchkin is hard at work!

The new door and framing for the gym:

While Ryan was busy doing all of the framing for the new walls, I was priming and priming AND priming those awful red walls. 

It looks much better already, don't ya think?  Don't mind all of the crap that's STILL in the way.

The "architecture" aka footers from our brick fireplace on the main floor -- give us a perfect spot for built-in bookshelves and a media area.

So that's exactly what we did!  Pics of that to come :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Basement Remodel, Part 1

We had been thinking about a basement remodel since we first stepped foot into this house as prospective buyers.  Although back then, pre-babies, those plans included a wet bar :)  The ideas have evolved a bit since we first moved in five and a half years ago!

The basement was partially "finished" by the builder, meaning we had finished walls/ceilings and carpet (nasty indoor/outdoor type stuff).  We also have a large crawl space, so that's why it is just partially finished.  It was also the only space in the house that was painted by the previous owners.  Thank goodness they stopped there!  They painted a horrible shade of blood  red and did a craptastic job.

Our basement lacked function, had zero style and was pretty much a dumping ground for furniture and toys and any other item that didn't really have a home elsewhere.  It was in a sad state and a waste of living space.  Oh, and it used to have spiders. Lots of big, brown/black scary spiders.

After Tyson's second Christmas, we were desperate to find a space for a playroom.  Even though he doesn't have THAT many toys, they just start to take over your life, ya know?  We didn't have any other logical spots for playroom other than the awful basement so moved some toys down and started spending considerable amounts of time down there. 

When we started seriously making plans for the remodel we wanted to accomplish a few things:
  • A play space.
  • An entertaining / chill / hang out /watch movies as a family space.
  • STORAGE.  Functional storage.
  • A dedicated, enclosed workout area for Ryan.  He has too much equipment and heavy weights that can't be accessible by little people.
  • Make the basement inviting and pretty so we would actually like to spend time down there.
  • Oh, and new carpet.  We desperately needed new carpet.  The color was gross, the carpet felt gross, and it just wasn't comfortable for hanging out with the babies.

So here goes with the before photos.  This is the real deal, people!

The space was one large open area with the exception of this back "hallway" on the other side of the stairs.

As you walk down the stairs and head to the right, you go down the short hallway back to the gym area.  The gym area is open to the rest of the space.  That door on the left in the photo is the utility room (furnace, water heater, access to the crawl space).

Looking from the gym back toward the stairs.  This space was just a storage dumping ground.  It was awesome to see all of our junk right as you walked downstairs.

This is the main space to the left of the stairs -- just one large open area. 

I know you're jealous of those red walls, the furniture graveyard and that awesome TV.  Hey, it still worked :)

Further back in the same space.  More toys, more furniture.  We had 2 recliners, a sofa, loveseat and a sectional.  This room is not big enough for all of that stuff!

Looking back the other way:

Stay tuned for the construction!