Monday, September 10, 2012

My girl's nursery

Not too long ago, I shared my son's nursery and his big boy room.  I hadn't gotten around to sharing my girl's nursery yet, but it won't be too long before we're turning this room into a big girl room.  :)

My kids' rooms are definitely some of my favorite rooms in our home.  The feelings I got while planning their rooms before they arrived, bringing them home to these rooms and spending countless hours in there feeding, rocking, singing and reading...  It's hard not to love and cherish those memories.

Quinn's room was a project and we nearly did everything in the room ourselves.  It was a lot of work!  But, like most projects in our home, the end result was so worth it. 

We purchased the crib and already had the upholstered chair and ottoman, but almost everything else was a project. 

Painting, of course, adding the beadboard ceiling, making the curtains and the lampshade and the mobiles  and the shelves and the artwork above the crib -- all DIY projects.  We also refinished the chandelier (rescued from our dining room and saved for nearly 5 years for this room) and the dressers and vanity desk. 

I never thought I would have a lavender nursery, but I loved the combination of lavender and brown.  Lavender is a tough color!  We went through several shades before settling on Lilac Whisper by Valspar.  I wanted a grayish lavender, not a purple or blue or even pink shade. 

The far left is a birth stats print from gracehesterdesigns on Etsy.  The middle print says "Let her sleep for when she wakes, she will move mountains".    The dandelion print is from papermoth, also on Etsy.

I will share how we did the ceiling.  I was expecting a big challenge, but I think it ended up being easier than we originally thought!  It's my favorite part of the room.  :)

I just hope we can hold on to the baby stage for a bit longer.  My girl is a wild one and a climber, though, so I'm afraid it won't be too long until we'll have to convert her crib into a toddler bed.  These babies just don't keep!


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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hello Preschool!

Hello September!

Many apologies for my lack of posts lately!  To say that August was busy for us is an understatement. I started a new (part-time) prosecutor position right around the same time that my private law practice exploded with tons of work. We also were gone nearly every weekend at the lake, so that left no time for projects or blogging or cleaning or laundry or any of those things that *have* to get done.

I'm hoping to be back with a vengeance now that it's almost fall!  Oh yeah, it's almost fall!

But, first off, my little guy is officially a preschooler.  Say what!?  Cue the tears/happiness/relief/we-successfully-parented-a-child-to-this-point-slaps-on-the-back.

Printable Sign by Lauren McKinsey Designs.

I swear he was just born yesterday.  For real.  These three plus years have rocketed by and I've hardly had a chance to blink. 

Ever since we enrolled him in January, I was looking forward to preschool.  I thought he'd love every single minute of it.  Learning, meeting new friends, playing on a new playground, all of it.  Never once was I upset or sad about him starting school.  I was excited!  Until yesterday.

When the reality of him starting school (yes, I know it's just preschool, but still), I got a little sad.  He's going to be in school for the rest of his childhood.  These first three years went way too fast and now he'll be in school for the next 15 years.  The thought of him walking into that classroom and knowing that he would be cared for someone other than us, his grandparents or his nanny, for the very first time since he was five months old was almost too much for me to bear.  We've never even needed a babysitter.  Thank goodness for grandparents that live close! 

Luckily, I came to my senses and went back to realizing that preschool is a good thing.  For both of us.

He was so ready for the first day.  He seemed a little nervous last night and this morning, but when we got in the car to leave for school, he seemed ready. 

He was clearly sick of having his picture taken!



I know we'll all figure out the new routine and hopefully start to embrace it.  He walked right into his classroom, found the toys and hugged us goodbye.

I shed one little tear in his classroom and tried not to let him see me.  And now I'm done crying over preschool.  At least for now.