Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Goals: Organized laundry shelves

The laundry room.

A room in a constant state of mess in my house.  Laundry, wet shoes, coats, and frankly, cat food, all grace the floors in my laundry room on a fairly regular basis.

I wish I could have a lovely laundry room like the ones Sarah Richardson does:

Sarah Richardson
But I don't and likely never will, at least while we're in this house.  My laundry room is quite small.  More than a closet, but not quite a room.  It serves its purpose, but it does need some help!

The laundry room sees its fair share of random items that really have no other place to go.  The previous owners didn't do much to our house in the short time they lived here, but they did install a set of white wire shelves that are out of the way -- around the corner -- so they're not visible unless you're standing by the laundry machines.

We had so much stuff crammed on these little shelves that I'm embarrassed to show you.  Actually, I just started ripping things down before I thought "maybe I should take a before picture!".  :)

There wasn't much to look at before and not that much to look at after, but it makes me happy to see the labeled bins.  It also makes me happy that one of my 2013 home goals has started!  Even though it's just one little space, progress is a good thing!

I bought some bins at Target, labeled them with my label maker (to the left) and just some cardstock and ribbon below.

This room could use a paint job and a new light fixture and some more shelving, but for now, at least I can find some things on those clutter catching shelves!  


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