Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Preschool Valentines

This is our first year to do Valentines for school.  Tyson was excited about it and I'll admit, I was pretty excited too.  I remember those sweet days in elementary school.

The kid is obsessed with construction equipment.  He had a construction birthday party last year and he's petitioning for another one this year, so almost a year later he still loves the heavy machinery.  I showed him some possible Valentines and I wasn't surprised when he chose one that included a toy piece of construction equipment.  The kid knows what he likes!

I ended up ordering a personalized printable one from Etsy shop PreppyChick.  It was $5 and arrived in my inbox about 3.5 hours after I ordered it.  My little construction-loving guy was quite happy!

I had them printed, and then I cut them, punched them and attached them to treat bags.  Easy, easy!

Tyson helped me fill the goodie bags with small toy construction vehicles (made by Caterpillar and found at Meijer for a little over $1 each) and a few pieces of candy.

Happy Valentine's Day all!